India's Maritime Security : Need of developing a Legal Framework

  • Binod Kumar Das Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, GLS University, Ahmedabad
  • Mayuri H. Pandya Director, Faculty of Law, GLS University, Ahmedabad
Keywords: Coastal Security, Maritime Security, Maritime Terrorism, Littorals, Naval Power


The concept of maritime security is related to maritime issues related to national security of the countries. Maritime security implies protection of a nation’s sovereignty at sea. Owing to expanded scope, it now encompasses maritime terrorism, marine pollution, illegal fishing, natural disasters, maritime safety and smuggling of drugs, arms and ammunitions. In the present scenario, Maritime security is a buzzword in International Relations. Thus, this paper is attempted to focus on the challenges of maritime security arrangements and the strategies to address the challenges. The challenges such as environmental degradation, maritime terrorism, illegal trafficking and oceanic disasters were analysed in the paper.


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