Effective E-Waste Management Model Across the Globe: Need of The Hour!

  • Praveen Kumar Professor & Director, Vignan Institute of Law, VFSTR, Guntur (AP)
Keywords: e-waste, environment, management, model, laws, WEEE Directives, European Union, trans boundary movement, hazard, health, degradation, soil


According to estimates by United Nations, the world produces 50-60 million tonnes of e-waste every year and e-waste management system adopted across the globe is not competent to control the menace of e-waste. The Researcher intends to study global e-waste management models, guiding responsibility principles, adopted models, standard procedures, imposed penalties, lacunas in policy and probable consequences of mismanagement in various countries. The Researcher wants to explore e-waste management model in India in detail as compared to various models adopted in other countries. The researcher intends to inquire in to effectiveness of various steps like choosing safer technologies, non-hazardous metal substitutes, legal compliance, effective regulatory mechanism, investment opportunities in e-waste recycling and to analyze e-waste management models, legal principles, contemporary approach to curb the menace of e-waste.


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