The Evolution of Ecological Consciousness: A Political Issue

  • Nehal Bohara NALSAR University, Hyderabad
Keywords: Sustainable Development, Politics, Ecological Sentiments, Harmonious Practices, Natural Resources, Exploitation


The paper involves an attempt to focus on the question of how sustainable development became a political issue. The path to discuss the ideology and its growth as a political concern leads to an emphasis over its origin. First, an attempt to trace the ecological sentiments back to the dawn of the Neolithic or Paleolithic times where people respected nature and had a more caring and responsive view and how and how they establish harmonious practices for resource management. Second, the emphasis on some of the most dangerous and threatening exercises by the biologists through their books. Thirdly, is the phase of the late 20th century when intense use of land, industrialization, over population etc. became a source of origin for ecological consciousness. The individual and international conditions and impacts in the 20th century are supported by some examples. Industrialization and capitalism was a main cause for the evolution of ecological consciousness as it focused on profit generation and consumerism gradually over populating the humans and eventually becoming threat to their well being. Further an attempt is made to trace the conditions in India and the relation between poverty and ecological degradation is explained and simplified. Later the question about the comprehension of ecological damages with the decreasing availability of natural resources is been dealt with help of some examples
The desire is to answer the question of how the idea of sustainable development and ecological consciousness became political that is how this issue being social, economic and scientific turned out to be a political issue or how the people became politically active and felt the need for their deliberate action over the concern
The dilemma of limited natural resources and their exploitation due to unending human aspirations for growth and development has also raised the question whether the natural capital stock which includes environment and other natural resources will be affected by these human aspirations.
Therefore the paper is to make people aware about how certain evolution of ecological consciousness has been emerging to be a political issue by referring to the origin, evolution and related social complications.

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