A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainability: An Environmental Irony

  • Somya Babel AURO University, Surat
  • Sreedevi Poduval AURO University, Surat
Keywords: Environment, Threats, Biomedical Waste, Food Waste, Textile Waste, Laws, Penalties


Since last few decades, the environmental challenges have been garnering severe attention from all the masses around the globe and have affected the political, social, legal as well as economical aspects at a considerably large scale. The environmental threats such as biomedical waste, textile waste, food waste, etc. have been hampering and posing threats to the living beings. An error in segregating and dumping the biomedical waste can taint the groundwater resources and may also pollute the air we breathe in. Several atmospheric discharges such as Nitrogen and Sulphur Oxide from the furnaces of the textile mills pose a threat to the workers and the environment. Only few of us contemplate the role played by the food waste in imposing grievous damage to the environment by the Methane gas which is released after it decomposes. Apart from the individuals, the corporate organizations have also played a major role in endangering the natural resources as well as the environment. This paper showcases the disproportionate penalties paid by the huge corporate organizations in lieu of the actual damage caused to the environment. The plight of the environment has been relieved through various national laws, international laws and policies. In some parts of the world, the mitigating policies have been implemented at a rapid pace while the other part still struggles for justice and environment friendly policies. This paper aims to highlight the role of the legislature and the judiciary in the evolution of the laws and policies pertaining to the environment.

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