Ensuring Food Security By Promoting Sustainable Agriculture: An Analysis

  • Neeraj Sharma Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Keywords: Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security


The staggering number of undernourished people in the world hovering around 820 million is an alarming situation for the global leaders. This concern has find the place in the Sustainable development goals that United Nations has targeted to achieve by 2030. The Second Sustainable development goal mentions about ending hunger and achieving sustainability in the agricultural practices. Sustainability in agriculture seeks to intertwine the objectives of equity, profitability and ensuring healthy environment. Sustainable agriculture envisages farmers to promote practices which ensures healthy soil, reduction in pollution level at the farms, minimization of water use. Food security can be ensured by adopting sustainable farming practices.  The visions of the world leaders while drafting the Sustainable development goals is not only to reduce hunger but also to ensure nutritious food for all. India is also striving to attain the Sustainable development goals by adopting precise policies and better implementation. The Government of India has come up with the scheme of Soil Health Cards in order to promote sustainable agriculture which assists the farmers in gauging the optimum amount of fertilizers to be used. India is providing basic cereals to its poor under the Public Distribution System. The Mid-Day Meal Scheme of the Indian government has also been recognized as a potential tool to meet the urgent needs to tackle the issue of Nourishment among the School going Children. The world should realize that farmer being the main stakeholder in the whole process should be strengthened by providing better access to good practices and easy finance.

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